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Re: Golden Chopstix II
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Thats right LI,,CHOP,CHOP!!!!Boil the meat off thier bones and grind the bones into dust to make the biscuits to serve with the stew.Boy,,I really hate crats,,,Clay.
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Ned Sorry we missed you at the GCII.I have been out at my father in laws digging out the haystacks,loading semi's with hay and whacking racoons.Ma Wolfer says Sturday Night we will be there.Li we will be bringing you a large box of Highway 2 Roadkill Supreme.We hope you like it.I also want to see that trick DigitalDan does with the Throwing Stars.
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Mr. Wolfer, herro to you. You rearry bring road kirr? You have recipe too? Hope so, Li no try that before, but have apprentice chef from Jamaica, maybe he know. Li ask Rubin, ret you know.

What trick Mr. Dan do with stars? Dragon Lady not know this. You maybe drink too much Li Down Wolfer-san. Li do tricks with shuriken, teach cat break dance. Big turnover, they rearn srow! Each day Li teach GCII have discount sweet/sour pussy so not spoir. Have onry 2 cat after 3 day of training, but they pretty quick cookie! See Li with star, they hang on ceiring, Li raugh hard, not throw star! Terr you true!

You see picture Mr. Mortie's wife and brother? So sad for him. Agent orange rand on famiry tree!

Li go now.
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"You see picture Mr. Mortie's wife and brother? So sad for him. Agent orange rand on famiry tree! "

I sorta think that would be better described as the family forks , no branches,no knots,no thou shalt nots either !
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I know diversity is wonderful.........but for your sake DL watch that Jamaican apprentice very closely. You know that birman used to "be smokin dat nip" and talking in rasta "all da tyme, mon." Jamaican Jerk, huh? And also remember it wasn't agent orange that started those dueling banjos on the banks of the Chattahootchee! Some of those fellers remind me of some I've seen at Banner Elk many, many years ago, and lately too, tsk, tsk., where the horsetrack up the hollow turned into footpath. ned
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This is a trifle off topic but not much, I was in Oregon last weekend and while going from I5 to the coast on Hwy 38 I chanced to go through the lovely little town of Elkton. Now in that town was a delightful little shop that just happened to be for sale. Unfortunately it was shut down so I was unable to wander in for a look see. I really have to wonder why,in such a fine little town on a busy highway a charming quaint little restarant called the Road Kill Grill wouldn't be a smash hit. Go figure! derf
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