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Re: A long-deferred kill

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30 June 2004, 10:19
Re: A long-deferred kill
DD, oh, the pains of explaining aliteration. Please be kind. I think the explanation of his lack of understanding may lie in his age. Several years back while lecturing to a group of 1st year medical students, I attempted to make a point as I was expounding on a theory without any supporting data. So, I said "this is just like Barry Goldwater's campaign slogan, "Does anyone remember Barry Goldwater's campaign slogan?" In bewilderment, the students in unison replied, " Who was Barry Goldwater?"
26 June 2004, 21:17
Don't sweat it dude. It was a clear cut case of suicide,I could see that even from here. NOW, what you need is legal representation to make a claim for damages and the trauma that you have suffered and endured since that damned cat ambushed you with malice aforethought! With any luck that second Cub will be in the hanger in no time!! derf
29 June 2004, 14:29
Thanks for the welcome Digital. Old mother Ludd liked "L"'s. Actually I am rather attracted to Oriental Restaurants and cuisine. Seems like the company is always exotic and they generally have a fine way of making their special pussy treats meet expectations. Hot Puss without rice is a special favorite. Sadly, I have no recipes like Uncle Ned, although I have heard many of his "Tales of the Puss". He is the conservative one, I'm a bit more progressive. I think it is ok to use modern "shoot & shovel" cartridges on cats. Uncle ned isn't used to belted cartridges yet, except in the Maxim for rimmed, of course. He has spoken highly of your accomplishments too, and not just in the air, and other good folk here, like that 120, the cz wizard, Wild Wolfie, king of the catomatic, Mr Derf, a kindred spirit scouting the northern approaches, and of course that "Band of Bubbas" dedicated to saving cats from the evil peta weirdos. I have to mention ned's admiration for the one called DRAGONLADY too. Have to go now, always getting calls from other new congregations. Ludlam in Bedlam, Pa.
30 June 2004, 07:57
on the Roy and Dale and cat story line.
30 June 2004, 15:20
And Dr. Strangelove?

Ludlam, repeat after me very fast as your other eye looks at the web link below the story. "Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?" Hint: Say it with the same melody as the hit tune of the same name. Same generation as "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B". Different tune though. I thought Bette did some of her best work on the remake of that one BTW.


Pres., TYHC