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ISO family friendly, affordable lease in Texas

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05 February 2019, 01:51
Ram Rod
ISO family friendly, affordable lease in Texas
Hey fellas,

I know this is a LONG shot, BUT I thought it would be good to put some feelers out there. Currently, I am on a lease in East Texas but we haven't really had any luck. with the 2K acres of property and what we are paying, you would think I could find something better. For what we are paying, there should be more deer than there are.

If anyone knows of a lease that needs to have customers for next fall, or is looking to team up with anyone, please shoot me a PM. I know how hard it can be to trust people. Trust me, I'm your typical good 'ole Texas boy. thanks fellas!

FYI- For those who knew one of our former members here on AR "Doubless", he was my father. we lost him to a long battle with cancer two years ago. I would think that Those who knew him and thought highly of him, would think the same of me and give me a chance. Not sure if that helps anyone or not.... ?
17 August 2019, 22:24
I don't think anyone would not give you a chance, a few might but that just goes with the territory..A tough hide helps!


As to your search for a lease, it will be costly if it has a proper deer population. Hard to next to impossible to find a GOOD CHEAP LEASE. In your case perhaps find a day lease on a decent low fence ranch for about $125 per day is the best you will get I suspect..

Another option is to put a group together and lease the ranch by the acre, that can work, but look that lease over well before you jump..I did that for some years with my boys and their friends at $1500 each for the year, included all the hunting rights, quail, Javalina, deer, dove turkey for the year, no other hunters, the deer were decent, a good buck going 130 to 135..
Worked great until the neighbors blocked him in with high fence, the lease went to hell, and would only support a two deer kill after that.Only his frontage was 4 strand barb wire..

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328
08 December 2019, 03:50
Bob Nisbet
I own 250 acres in East Texas and was wondering about leasing, but have no idea what the per acre rate would be.
Any info could be very helpful. Thanks

Bob Nisbet
DRSS & 348 Lever Winchester Lover
Temporarily Displaced Texan
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08 December 2019, 09:14
Bob, years ago I went hunting with a friend that grew up + had a lease outside of Huntsville that bordered on the Sam Houston National Forest. I was a guest + had no idea what they paid but I'd bet that the COC or local gun shops might give you a heads up. There are some decent deer there but I don't think the prices would be as high as central, west or south. Just a thought.

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11 December 2019, 08:22
i remember double S quite well, I spoke with him on a few different forums.
we mostly argued about bullet casting and shooting lead bullets.
he may have disagreed but he was polite about it and supported his side with his own thoughts on the matter.