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Casting shotgun slugs
Anyone cast/reload their own shotshell slugs? I recently bought a used MEC 600 Jr to try out shotshell reloading. I have a Lee 1 ounce slug mold which casts hollow slugs made for loading in lead shotshell wads. How well do these work? Anyone ever try the larger NEI cast slugs? What diameter should I be looking at if i decide to try out an NEI slug in a mossberg rifled slug barrel? NEI has .732", .734", and .740" slug molds available. I am not really interested in trying sabot slugs right now. Thanks.

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I loaded some of the Lee cast slugs to try in a Win 1300 with a 3rd party slug barrel. I used a friends loader and we loaded acouple of boxes. I tried them against fatory loads and they were just as accurate. I thought I was going to go deer hunting in a slug only area and ended up not going. I still have about 75 shells just in case I go to a slug only hunt.
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I cast the Lyman 12ga slugs. Way to small for the bore. Ended up paper patching them - worked extremely well - single barrel with no sights - hitting bricks at 35 paces with only the occasional flyer.

Fitting to the bore is important. Haven't tried the NEI's but will probably make my own mould someday for 12 and 20gauges.
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Yep, the Lee 1 oz. Only I set a 20 ga felt wad in the bottom of the shot cup. The drive key really messes up the plastic wad otherwise. I figure if I get better seperation, it might be more accurate. Works for me.

btw, I also load my own buckshot loads. A .31 cal ball (about 0 size buck) works real good. Seems like I load 4 in the bottom, offset each successive tier 90d. Load 4 tiers for 16 total. Nice load. I use Fiochi clear shotshells for specialty loads so I can see what's in them. Since they're cheap [my specialty loads, that is], I can shoot alot of them! sundog
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<Desert Rat>
I cast and tried a few of the Lee slugs, and did not have much luck with them. I believe we were using a slug gun with rifle sights.

Now that I see that someone has done well, I think I will try some in my combination gun. If it shoots pretty well to point of aim at 25 yds, I will have a poor man's double rifle (or equivilant)

Thanks for the tip.
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I also have the lee 1 oz slug. Used it with the acurate number 5 p owder and the recommeded load in a double A case. Had great results . acutally shot better than any of the factory slugs. this from a couple of smoothbores 870, and a 590 mossburg. shot a a 150yrd gong and hit it more often than not. That load does pack a whallop though only thing I have shot with it was an errant woodchuck eating my lettuce in the garden. Proved quite efficent at 25yrds.
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