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Fat 30

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02 June 2004, 17:27
Fat 30

Thoughts on a Fat 30? Maybe just over 170gns.

We are looking at a run of the LEE 6 cavity molds if there is enough interest.
03 June 2004, 05:03
I like that larger diameter of this design. My marlin doesn't like anything until I get it into the .312 range. What package are we talking here? Will this work in a six banger? I just recently got some of my 30's work and they seem to like things on the fat side. (I still have a 99 savage in 308 that plum evades me) So count me in on this design. My 30's thank you.(ruger #1 in 06, Browning 95 in 30-40 krag and my soon to arrive C.Sharps HW in 30-40 krag)