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Theater blanks

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01 January 2003, 10:26
Theater blanks
For those of you that might want to make a little racket, safely, here's some load data using milsurp powder in the .30-06 caliber.

5/16" X 1 5/8" oak dowel, tapered both ends
(I spun it in the drill press)

'06 case, resized, trimmed to length, deburred inside and out.

3 grains cotton fiber filler

33 grains WC820 milsurp powder
(50 percent of case capacity)

Fed. #210 LR primer

Pressure signs: none

The report and flash are UNBELIEVABLE! I have never heard any kind of firearm make that kind of noise. The only thing I can remember was a howitzer at Ft. Jackson on "Senior" day when I was in mil. school.

Enjoy New Year's Eve safely,

01 January 2003, 11:34
<Desert Rat>
I'd be careful where I pointed this load!

Have you tried aiming it at a gallon jug of water at 10 feet to see what happens? Inquiring minds want to know! Put a 1/2 inch plywood sheet in front of the water, just for fun, to see what happens.

I'd love to hear a report on this.
01 January 2003, 23:34
I started off discharging the prototype load at a mud puddle about 10 ft. away. There was no disturbance to the water. Regardless, I NEVER direct the muzzle of a firearm in a unsafe manner. Besides, theater blanks make more noise when the blast is directed upward.