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Cost Per Bullet

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16 February 2003, 16:14
Cost Per Bullet
It's been a rather foggy, rainy day here in NE TN. So bad I haven't even been outside. It's one of those days where I just sat in front of the loading bench being constructive and pondering life's questions. One of the things I was trying to figure out was just how much do I have invested in a single 20# pot of lead and it's resultant products? I have gotten all of my lead (WW) for basically free except for time and gas. Now time to consider real costs such as electricity needed to turn out the final product. I am not tring to figure in the cost of the mould, sizer, etc. Just the final cast bullets. Best I can guestimate is about $1 per 20# pot- given the cost of electricity and gas going to and fro while getting the WW. Anybody actually put a pencil to it?



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16 February 2003, 18:03
Their reallllly are free cause I get the W.W. when I'm in town anyways and the lead pot just helps heat the house so the furnace don't run as much!!! [Wink]
17 February 2003, 02:31
Not worth worrying about. My ten pound pot uses 600 watts or so and melt and casting time is less than an hour. I don't even know what I pay a KW hour but guess around 30 cents. $8 worth of propane gets 600 pounds or more or WW into alloyed ingots.

I still got a dozen sticks of lube around I paid about 50 cents each for. (You younger guys are getting ripped on lube.) Also have a pound or two of homemade left from a batch I made 20 years ago.

If my PB bullets are costing me an average of 2 cents each, I'd be shocked.