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anybody shoot inverted gas checks?
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I have an idea. I have several hundred plain based 30 caliber bullets that I bought before I started casting. Suppose I take some 30 cal gas checks and run them through my Lee push sizer. Then place them inverted in the case mouth of some 30-06 cases. They should have an interference fit in the neck, so there shouldn't be a problem with them falling into the case.
Next, I could put an extra layer of lube on the bullets with Lee Liquid Alox. The bullets could be seated long enough to leave the gas check well above the junction of the case neck and body. The bullet would push the gas check down as it was being seated, and they should stay in contact with each other so there shouldn't be a problem with the GC slamming into the bullet upon firing. I would want to shoot them fairly fast- about 2000 fps. Probably use 20 some grains of SR4759. Does this sound workable?
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Max 503,

I have fired many thousands of rounds using plain base bullets and the inverted gas check, or "IGC" as we call them.

The difference between your plans and my use is that I shoot the IGC only in straight cases! (Such as the 45/70 or 44/63 Ballard or 40/80 SS) Shooting the IGC in a bottle neck case invites the possibility of the check dropping off into the case. This mear "possibility" (however remoat) is enough for me to avoid using them in the 30'06 or any other simular case.

Good morning,
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From your post it sounds like you've thought out what different problems and solutions you might have quite well. I agree with Forrest, and offer a way out of your problem. Just shoot the P/B boolits the way they are. We're all so wraped up in thinking that we need a gas check and don't try the old fashion way.

I've reciently picked up an old 1890 ideal #3085 mould. It's one of the designs in Ideals very first catalog that wasn't offered very long. I cast a 100 or so and just to see if I could make em shoot, I loaded up 10 in my 30-30Win bolt gun. I just wanted 1000/1200fps. So I picked a load in that area and went out to the bench and fired the ten off. About 2 1/4" at 100yds using a 6 power scope. It has since then gotten too cold here in South Dakota to work any more on that project.

You're probably not going to hunt with these P/B boolits anyway, so who cares how fast the hit the target? I guess the point is don't be scared of trying something old!...Geo
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Max what you could do in an attempt to increase gas seal & speeds with PB's is stuff the 'wad' in the case just below the base. I have done this with SW wads [balls of saran wrap] and cotton. Need a large enough ball to remain in place to be sure-- seating the bullet onto this material.

In seeing this post the other day, I started a reply but thought on it awhile. Your experiment is viable IF:

-- the check dia is greater than the max dia of the bullet seated. IE- say 311 for the check vs 310 for the bullet.

--if the check was well ABOVE the neck/shoulder junction, meaning you'd need a longer throated gun for forward seating of the bullet or a bullet with a shorter bearing surface. Then you'd have to pull some seated rds to be sure the check was staying put.

But as the guys said, it's in the end taking a chance. Really not worth it.
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Yea, I agree with what you guys have said.
I went out to the garage last night and sized 11 gas checks then set one in a case mouth to see how things looked. I think there is too much of a possiblility of one falling into the case. I'll just shoot these plain. Actually, they work pretty good at around 1000 fps.
I'm gonna try this in 44 mag for my contender. If it works it'll save me a loading step or two.
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Why don't you paper patch those plain based bullets if you want to drive them a 2000 + fps and don't want any gas cutting and leading.

Two wraps of the thinnest tracing paper or onion skin and run them throught your .30 resizer and load them up.

The paper is the GC and the jacket. The last issure of handloader tells you how to do it in great detail. You could also try one wrap of freezer tape or gummed computer labels with enough excess to have a tail at the base. With this configuration you could drive them at jacketed velocities.

Best of luck, JB
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Hmmm. That's an idea. I always thought I needed an undersized bullet when paper patching. I'll get a hold of the Handloader magazine and check that out.
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