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22 January 2021, 19:47
From The Shop Scrap Box

22 January 2021, 21:27
Cold Trigger Finger
What is it ?

Phil Shoemaker : "I went to a .30-06 on a fine old Mauser action. That worked successfully for a few years until a wounded, vindictive brown bear taught me that precise bullet placement is not always possible in thick alders, at spitting distances and when time is measured in split seconds. Lucky to come out of that lesson alive, I decided to look for a more suitable rifle."
22 January 2021, 22:20
p dog shooter
I am guessing a roundness hardness tester.
22 January 2021, 22:30
brinell or rockwell , brinell since this is the reloading forum
23 January 2021, 00:27
Brinell tester for lead.

Big enough to take ingots up to 2 inches thick. I have V blocks for the round things (bullets to most).

23 January 2021, 00:35
The dial indicator measures the depth of penetration of the hardened ball bearing. The ball is out of view in the small round chuck and is 5/32" diameter.

The black thing with pressure gauge is a hydraulic load cell. Tells me how much force is being exerted on the ball bearing penetrator.

The Brinell Hardness may be calculated using this information:

Diameter of ball

Depth of penetration

Load in pounds per square inch

I am building an Excell spreadsheet now to take care of the calculations.

First calculations show it is dead accurate.

Google Brinell Hardness and you can see the theory and the calculations.
23 January 2021, 02:31
Nice scrap !.
08 June 2021, 04:15
Damn I love stuff like that. I don't cast bullets but if I had that I would take it up. I would mess around with different alloys to see what stuff like hardness related to penetration in gelatin etc. I only got to do a little bit of product development in my career but I sure loved it. DW