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32-20.....lead fowling....and velocities...???
I plan to use a 115 gr. keith style bullet for use in a Ruger blackhawk and marlin 1894CL(both recent manufacture) both chambered for 32-20. I would like to have a "one load fits all" for these guns. What would be a good velocity level for both as to mimimize fowling. I will be useing them for small game such as coyotes, havalina and bobcats.
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I shoot a commercial hardcast 100 grainer at 1200 fps in my Ruger .32 mag. It clocks about 1600 fps out of my rifle. These are about 15 brinell. No leading in either.

A lot depends on the alloy you plan to use.

Since both yours are strong modern guns. I'd see how fast you can push them in the rifle before it starts to lead then back down a bit. Provided the load shoots well in both there you go.
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Dimensional control is the secret to cast bullet accuracy and leading management. My Marlin 1894CL had a VERY short throat that matched its groove diameter closely (.312"). My particular scenario was not like yours--my 32-20 revolvers did not have the strength to take rifle-intensity loads like your Ruger has, so interchangability was not an issue.

The 32-20 can be a real challenge in a revolver. In addition to the usual dimension issues between chamber throats and groove diameter, the 32-20 cases stretch unevenly during firing. Case trimming has paid off BIGTIME in accuracy with my revolvers, because even case mouth tension/crimp is critical in revolvers of this caliber. A pain in the aspirations, but I trim cases every other firing--and they need it.

This is not a max load by any means, but Ken Waters used a load of 5.5-6.0 grains of SR-4756 with the 115 grain bullets as his pet load in this caliber for revolvers. That load has done fine work for me, and this powder has become THE fuel for my 32-20 wheelguns with all cast bullet weights from 85 to 115 grains.

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