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First Timer--Refugee from AllVertical

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21 December 2002, 14:38
Deputy Al
First Timer--Refugee from AllVertical
458 Lott extended an invitation to those of us from the Cast Bullet Board at AllVertical/ShootersTalk, since that system is apparently on its way out.

Taking a look around before I stopped here, this is an impressive array of forums! I look forward to learning and contributing here. Thank you!

Deputy Al
21 December 2002, 16:23
Welcome aboard D.A. !! Too bad the other place is going away, it sounds interesting too..
21 December 2002, 16:37
Here in the cast bullet forum we are the ever growing glimmering of the light of the rightious faithful bringing this light to the greater unwashed. Being unwashed the unenlightened need to have their bullets jacketed until such time as they renounce the debased ways of cupro and return to the true path of plumbium.
21 December 2002, 17:54
Hi Deputy Al. I've been hanging around in here for about a year, and this seems like a pretty nice bunch all in all. The chronological feature is missing, but it's still workable. We'll have to see if this is our final home.

For those of you who haven't been to the Cast bullet room, I would suggest visiting the topical pages, and cut and paste for all your worth. There is some of the best info in the world there.
21 December 2002, 20:30
Deputy Al

You know, I've felt the same way for a long time--but never expressed it quite that eloquently. It sort of takes on the attributes of a holy mission or a calling when you look at the thing your way.

Scrolling through the posts, I see a lot of familiar "faces". Just to get better acquainted, I'll give a little background info here. I've been casting for handguns for around 20 years, and rifles for about 15 or so. I got into the casting game to create bullets for 32 caliber revolvers, and the success with those little wheelguns caused the hobby to expand into other handgun calibers, then rifles a while later.

I currently reload 30+ metallic calibers and 4 (soon 5) shotshell gauges. I have a real affinity for mid-caliber handguns (nominal 7mm-8mm calibers) and oddball chamberings--no wildcats, though. The cast calibers run the gamut from 25-20 WCF to 45-70 in rifles, 32 ACP to 45 Colt in handguns, and 31 through 58 caliber muzzle loaders/C & B revolvers--all traditional and caplock, emphasis on roundballs. I greatly enjoy most venues of riflery and pistolcraft, and look forward to retirement in about 2 years 5 months and 3 days (who's counting?) to enable more time for this hobby, hunting, and fly fishing--trout, bass, panfish, and salt water.

That's me. Again, I look forward to learning here--and helping when I can.

Deputy Al
22 December 2002, 01:36
Hey, Bud, how ya' doin'? Fancy meeting you here.
Well, I see the exodus is under way.

22 December 2002, 06:05
Mornin' all. I've lurked here, and even made a contribution or two, for some time now. Of the various places mentioned to replace the old homestead on AllVerticle, I lean to this one. It's a reasonalble place, not unfriendly at all. I think we can be happy and valuable contributors here.

Merry Christmas to all. Ernie

God bless the master of your house,
And the mistress also.
And all the little children that round your table grow,
The cattle in your stable, the dog by your front door,
And all that dwell within your gates, we wish you it ten time more.
22 December 2002, 11:00
Deputy Al,

I came over here yesterday to check the site out in accordance with Aladin's reccomendation.

So far, so good.

I'm not that big a poster, but the interest in having a site where I feel at home has become real enough, especially during the winter when shooting/flying times are cutailed by the weather.

Good afternoon,
22 December 2002, 11:38
Gent's there's a bunch of hard headed, firmly gripped opinionated folks here, in the threads above.
We will have a tough job to bring them around to one true path of enlightenment through cast bullets.
I'd suggest that no one mention cast bullets, lever actions, and 45-70s for shooting any game animal larger then ground hogs and only sparingly mention white tail deer as likely targets for 45-70s with cast bullets, in any one posting.
The natives get to really frothing at the mouth, chewing the carpet, etc. It's so unseemly that I try not to encourage that sort of behavor.
22 December 2002, 13:06
Deputy Al....Glad you made the jump. Same old crowd over here that was on AllVertical. Many of us "retarded" Shooters posters have been over here for a while. Jump right on in just like you were at home.../beagle
22 December 2002, 13:39
Thanks for the invite. I haven't been here in a while, but have visited from time to time. Good to see so many arriving. Ron.D
22 December 2002, 15:42
Welcome Al,
Fun group here too, this is where I got the bug for my .500 A-Square rifle project....Although the group at Shooters was the first stop when I logged on at nite,this was often a close second. I have met men among men at both sites,having said that I will miss the fast,furious,informative and insightful discourse on the cast board. All the more reason to meet you all in Winnemuca for the 2003 shoot. Just another victim of nothing lasts forever I guess...
It sure would be nice to have a chronological option here as well as topical though...seemed to read easier there and follow a conversation. over & out...45nut
23 December 2002, 04:23
I am another refugee from all vertical, glad to see some familiar faces and hoping to get to know more casters. Also glad to get my lower case handle back, having lost it in a change on All Vertical! Regards, curmudgeon
23 December 2002, 05:25
Well, fellers, looks like this might become home away from home (maybe). Not a bad sort of place at all. Today I may be casting some 30 cals (30-165-SIL) from #2 made from yesterday's foray to the pissola range and solder Felix and I 'acquired' last summer. This particular boolit seems to shoot better in my 03s than the 30-180-SP which is a little anemic in the diameter department. I'll need to do one of beagle's aluminium tape jobs on the mould to see if that will fix the problem. Best to all. sundog
23 December 2002, 05:45
Sundog I think beagle has another refinement on that process. He threaded the mating hole raceway-- then adjusted a threaded screw to keep the alignment pin entrance at a determined depth. That'd be alot more work, but stable and adjustable.

I have a 180 SP with the same problem, only a 309 with ww alloy. Musta sharpened that cutter alot.
23 December 2002, 07:10
Hello all, yes another All Vertical refugee! I have been casting 12 years. My favorite casting cartridges are #1 338-06, also rans are 44mag, 357, 30-06, 7-30waters, did I mention 338-06? Newer projects have been a Marlin 1895 cowboy 45-70, and a 257 Ackley Improved. Both of which are showing good signs of wanting to be cast bullet shooters, actually the 45-70 doesn't have a choice as I have made up my mind that it will never see a "condom" bullet. I make my own lube, a variant of "Felix World Famous Lube (FWFL) which if you haven't heard of yet you probably will hear more of now that All Vertical has inflicted you all with this crowd.

I have only two big game harvests with cast bullets both mule deer does. One with the 338-06, and the other with 7-30waters. Thanks to all for welcoming all of us to your board. I am looking forward to visiting often.

23 December 2002, 07:44
Ed Barrett
Hi. This is elbStJoeMO, at least that was my name on the other cast bullet forum. Glad to see you all showing up here. [Wink]
23 December 2002, 09:05
Deputy Al
Hey, lots of old friends are showing up!

Just got through with a small lot of 250 Savage/NEI 100 grain spire points, and next comes some 25-35 WCF with NEI 114 grain FN's. Once the reloading gets finished over the next few evenings--and after Christmas--the pot will get fired up and the Lyman #358430's that I owe several people will get poured. I hesitate to cast bullets while I'm "on call"--just sure as h--l, I'll the get alloy up to temp and that &^%$ phone will ring.

Deputy Al
23 December 2002, 11:53
I have a question for members of this site in regard to times stated on messages.

Deputy's post (above) showes the time to be 0005 23 December. Where is that?

I like the 24 hour format for time and I know that MDT is currently 1550, making it 2250 Zulu (or Greenwitch) time, but still 22 December. How does this 23 December date get in there? \

Good evening,
23 December 2002, 12:41
Well, I made it over here and good to see so many familiar faces. This is a lot better than the Yahoo site.
23 December 2002, 13:46
I feel a WHOLE lot better seeing names I recognize!
Kinda' like seeing friends at an out-of-town football game.

23 December 2002, 13:56
Hey, wada minute...

Are we gonna be boat people or wetbacks???!!!
23 December 2002, 13:58

Can't tell you much about how the site keeps time. I can tell you if the migration ends up here, there will be postings from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, and other such places with clocks and calendars that don't know what time it is.
23 December 2002, 15:12
waksupi, "Hey, 'wada' minute".

I guess we're wetbacks ifn we're wadin'

23 December 2002, 16:20
It's good to see so many folks from AllVertical showing up. I like it here.

Sundog, didn't know you liked RCBS moulds. You shoulda mentioned it.

Best to all, Ernie
23 December 2002, 16:43
Orygun Mark
Originally posted by FAsmus:
I have a question for members of this site in regard to times stated on messages.

Deputy's post (above) showes the time to be 0005 23 December. Where is that?

I like the 24 hour format for time and I know that MDT is currently 1550, making it 2250 Zulu (or Greenwitch) time, but still 22 December. How does this 23 December date get in there? \

Good evening,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are ahead of us in time. They are west of the International date line so are many hours ahead of us. Hopes this helps understand the time difference. Orygun
23 December 2002, 17:54
Mike Smith
Welcome to all of the "refugees". I am sure you will find a home here. Looking forward to what everyone can contribute. There are a few hard heads here but all in all it is a great bunch of people.
Looks like ORygun MArk answered your time question. The board is in fact on Dubai time. It messed me up a little until I got used to it.
24 December 2002, 00:45
I'm logged in now. I'm a AV lurker just tagging along to see where we all end up. ohshooter
24 December 2002, 00:58
Who or what is AllVertical

24 December 2002, 02:44
Originally posted by Mike375:
Who or what is AllVertical


AllVerticle is the outfit that owned
24 December 2002, 05:32

If you've not been there, go to

Apparently, there are no new registrations being allowed at this time, but go to the cast bullets topical page, and scroll through the topics. There are over ten thousand there. Word has it they will be left online for reference.

Good news this morning, one of our guys has captured the files for about sixteen of the rooms.
24 December 2002, 05:35
You know guys, we're looking for a place we can get a chronological list. Why not just stick with one heading at one of the boards, and just keep adding to it? It will make finding a topic a lot harder I would imagine, but it would also be easy to do a "select all" at any time, copy to a folder, and save to a CD.
24 December 2002, 07:02

you say:

(I) Can't tell you much about how the site keeps time.


Sure, members sending posts from allover the world is cool. I just couldn't/can't figure out the times recorded at the beginning of each message.

I'll hang in there. An answer will be found I bet.

Good morning,
24 December 2002, 07:10

you say:

Site's time is from the United Arab Emirates. They are ahead of us in time. They are west of the International date line so are many hours ahead of us. Hopes this helps understand the time difference.


Thanks. I knew they had to be EAST of Zulu time by some four hours. (Zulu -4) I just couldn't figure out who/where the site's time belonged to.

Very interesting place for a Cast Bullet site to call home I'd say!

Good morning from MST, (Zulu +7)
25 December 2002, 16:56
I am also switching over to this forum from "Shooters". Hope to be here for a long while. Safeshot
26 December 2002, 03:07
It will be fun to watch the reconstitution of the folks from I hope this board is as pleasant, informative and progressively challanging as Cast Boolets was.
26 December 2002, 05:28
Concerning the reconstitution of the old board, I don't think it will be the same without Felix, Sundog, Grumble and those old hands that were the "founders", if you will, of the CB board. I certainly hope I don't loose contact with them. On the other hand, there are quite a few from the old site here that I do like to post to and read. You, most certainly, are in the group.

I have yet to figure out the yahoo emergency room. I really need to work on that as that may be the regroup site for awhile to come.

If you hear anything, please, let me know. I'd be very grateful to you.
26 December 2002, 06:32
Hi All! Merry Christmas! I'm just checking in as another potential refugee from Shooters. BD
26 December 2002, 11:56
Puncher - thanks for the kind words. I think it is just that perspective coupled with the exploration of cast boolets that draws us to what shooters-cast bullets was. I'm guessing that several locations will benefit from the refugees but that there will also be communication about who's where.
26 December 2002, 12:36
Wasn't over there long enough to say I came from there, but I came from somewhere and I'm here now.

I just cast a little BP stuff, muzzleloaders only.

Need more molds!!