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velocity and bullet weight
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I may want to slow my cast bullets down for experimentation in my 357 ruger. Remember I had all the leading problems last weekend. I hated to slow a 357 down too much cause then you lose the benefits the 357 has to offer and you venture into 38 velocities. If thats the case a guy might as well shoot a 38. But I got to thinking, what if I loaded 357 loads with a 180-200 gr cast bullet and slowed it down to under 1100 fps? If my revolver is picky then I would eliminate my leading problem. But would a 180-200 grain flat nosed bullet have the energy and knockdown at that velocity as a 158 gr swc at higher velocities? And how would a heavier bullet affect accuracy? Cory
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I missed your thread that describes the leading. Where in the barrel is it leading, in the throat, in the lands, just at the muzzle? Is it patchy or long strips? What type of lube are you using? What dia are you sizing the bullets too? What type of gun is it?

With gas check bullets, you should have no problem reaching 1500 fps with no leading. With a plainbase, you're likely best off at 1200 fps or less.

I like heavy bullets in the 357's, I never had a chance to try my 200 gr WFN before selling my 357, but it isn't any longer then a 180 gr swc, and all the folks that have shot them said they shot well.

As far as terminal effects, it depends on what you are hunting. A faster bullet will disrupt more tissue initially, but the heavier bullets will penetrate deeper.
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Yes total leading. I finally found my problem after talking to enough people. I was loading swaged bullets which are way too soft. I got some ultramax ammo which has a spec velocity of 1300 fps using accurate #9 and a LSWC 158 gr with no gas check and they do not lead my barrel at all. Bullet just has to be hard enough. Cory
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