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2 or 4 cavity molds
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I am looking at getting some new molds in 35 cal. I have decided on an RCBS 38-150-swc or Lyman 358477 and Lyman 358429. On the 150 SWC molds both come in 2 cavity but only Lyman comes in a 4 cavity. I am wondering if there is a good benifit to use 4 cavity molds over 2 cavity, and does the number of bullets cast between the 2 and 4 make that much a difference per hour? Thank you for your thoughts.
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About twice as many with the 4 cavity mold. [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
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Them 4 cavity moulds get heavy pretty fast. So its speed vs comfort. I find I can cast much longer using 2 cavity moulds than I can with the 4 cavity moulds. I can make 2.5x more with the 2 cavity than the 4 cavity. Orygun

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grovere..Twice as many bullets...twice as many problems with the cavities.

Unless you need a lot of bullets, the 2 cavs are better than the 4 cavs. Usually I can sit down and run a thousand of either of those bullets in an evening with a good 2 cav and probably the same ammount with a 4 cav and it's a lot more pleasant casting with the two cavs.

After a steady diet of casting with the 4 cavs,,,you'll look like popeye in the right arm.

Still, there are those who swear by them so it's a personal choice./beagle
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