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The She-Wolf dropped one this evening...
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My long-suffering bride and hunting partner for the past 30+ years went out with me this afternoon late.

After passing on an opportunity at a handsome mainframe 8 that was chasing a doe, she absolutely hammered this old sow with my 6mm/.223. A perfect heart shot, the sow dropped in her tracks like she was struck by lightning.

This is one of a number of reasons why I don't give my wife any trouble...



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Kudos to the lady. Nice shot on a nice hog. Congratulations all the way around.
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What action is your 6x223 on?
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Gotta be careful teaching some women how
to shoot. I did my first wife, then we
split. Damned if she didn't shoot another
guys knee with a brit 150gr sp.

Good for your wife, that's a dandy shot
she made.


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Your She-Wolf is a keeper! So is that sweet little 6/.223.

I love dogs so much more than people.
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Nice shooting...have always liked the 6mm-.223.

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Awesome sow! And interesting caliber!
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I have tried to talk my wife into sitting with me but no luck! Tell her way to go!
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