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Scope refurbish

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15 July 2021, 03:27
Scope refurbish
Who, if anyone will refurbish the gloss coating on a Leupold scope?

NRA Patron member
16 July 2021, 07:24
Leupold scopes have a lifetime warranty, and I would think that applied to the lens coating as well. It makes no difference whether or not you are the original owner.
16 July 2021, 21:06
Sorry, I’m referring to the gloss black finish on the metal parts of the scope.

NRA Patron member
05 August 2021, 19:51
Did you ask Leupold if they offer such a service?
06 August 2021, 18:41
Did you ask Leupold if they offer such a service?

Leupold doesn't refinish the outside of their scopes. I sent an older gloss M8 back to them and requested a refinish since the scope had turned purple. I received a call from one of their reps who informed me that they don't refinish scopes. They sent me a new scope as a replacement.

Tom Z

NRA Life Member
28 October 2021, 21:19
Leupold is old school, if they can't fix it they replace it, They have amazed me time after time, makes some interesting stories...I wouldn't use any other scope for the most part..Im a tried and true Leupolder!! with quite a collection of their scopes tu2

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