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Vortex razor line verses the Meopta R2 line
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What are you gents thoughts on the 2 of these scopes if you were purchasing?
My eyes are getting older and I would really like to upgrade glass on a couple of my rifles that are my regulars.
I'm specifically looking at the light transmission and image clarity. I shoot under 400 yds in most hunting scenarios so reticles, dials, etc are not my primary concern.

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I seem to recall that one of our members from Texas thinks Razor is the only Vortex line worth considering. Meoptas have a good name and looked good when I peered through a couple in a shop. However, they seemed enormous scopes (making them more vulnerable to bumps). Also, as with most scopes since constantly centred reticles came in 60 years ago, they had a lot of tunnel vision.
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I owned a Meopta Meostar R2 8x56 for a short period of time (Bobby Tomek actually had more field time with it than I did). I think it had better clarity and glass than the Vortex Razor line of scopes. A lot of the Razor rifle scopes are heavy unless you are looking at the Razor LH scopes.

In the price range you are looking at...there are better choices imo. A Leupold vx3i..vx6 or Swarovski z3/z5 I don't like the exposed turrets on the Vortex line and their reticles and styles are mainly tacticool instead of hunting.
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Thank yall. This was every helpful
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