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Need help finding scope rings.
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I need some help gentlemen.

I need to find these scope rings for a CZ 550 rifle.

In 30mmm.

If anybody knows where I can purchase these, please let me know, as they seem discontinued.

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Talley and Warne both make rings for the CZ rifles if you cant find those
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Midway has Leupold and Warne medium height in stock. Not sure where you're located but if the US, that would be a good option for you.

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None better than these

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I love the Alaska Arms rings. On my Heym 416 I have two scopes pre-sighted in. I can remove the scope for travel, install either scope, and it is always just as removed. If the scope gets bumped I can change scopes and do not need to sight in.

The above being said, Alaska Arms does not list rings for the Heym but the Heym uses two CZ550 front rings. The Heym has the same dovetail machined in as the CZ550 but has shoulder as a ring stop instead of the projection on the back ring. I can reliably report I have had absolutely no issues with the rings on the integral dovetail.
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