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The oldest Roan I have seen

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06 May 2021, 03:22
The oldest Roan I have seen

Some animals and hunts are special and this one will remain in my memory.

It was towards the end of the season In Burkina end of April and hot as hell. That year the waterholes had all dried up and game was scarce and hardly moving during the day. Where there were herds of roan and buffalo there wasn't even one to be seen! As it was getting dark we spotted this old roan from the truck. My Brazilian client seeing the broken horn decided to pass him. I knew the other horn was big but it was the client's wish! We watched as he slowly walked into some tall grass and disappeared. Everyone started talking about what an old Roan he was and what a great bull. The client changed his mind and said I want to shoot him.......

We got down and walked towards where we had seen him last no sign! Fortunately the wind was in our favor after another 200 yards we saw him going slowly through some bushes, the sticks went up the 375 H&H went off and the rest is history.

30 inches+ on the good horn and with just one eye he was a real warrior.

Arjun Reddy
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06 May 2021, 03:51

Dream of a roan ! Thanks for posting the picture Arjun.


"Up the ladders and down the snakes!"
06 May 2021, 09:16
That's what makes a real trophy.

Dandy old brute too.

Thanks for sharing,


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George L. Dwight
06 May 2021, 10:10
mboga biga bwana
Awesome Roan Bull

You can't pass a Trophy like this

Nec Timor Nec Temeritas
06 May 2021, 13:37
fantastic old boy and a fitting end

lets make a plan
06 May 2021, 14:08
A genuine trophy.

Would never make it into SCI’s silly CIRCLES!

I LOVE it! clap
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06 May 2021, 16:47
Well done Arjun!
06 May 2021, 19:26
Great Story, Great Trophy
07 May 2021, 04:41
Aspen Hill Adventures
Heck of a bull.


07 May 2021, 05:56
Beautiful trophy! Congratulations to all involved.
08 May 2021, 03:22
That one is OLD! That guy on the right is no Spring Chicken either :-)
09 May 2021, 01:21
Yeah Jon getting there for sure! But am going backwards in my mind atleast Smiler

Originally posted by Biebs:
That one is OLD! That guy on the right is no Spring Chicken either :-)

09 May 2021, 02:29

OMG!-- my bow is "pull-push feed" - how dreadfully embarrasing!!!!!
09 May 2021, 21:27
A grand old warrior indeed. Just a great trophy. Congrats.