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Namibia hunting area?
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Anybody know who now has Kai-uwe Denkers old hunting area? West of Khaudum I think. Bushmanland in the Northern Kalahari area.
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There were/are two areas. One west of the Khaudum was taken over by squatters who are currently being evicted and the other area Bushmannland south of the Khaudum has been taken over by Stephens Jacobs.

The area is known for BIG eles. Several 100+ pounders taken in this area over the past few years. The largest was 118 pounds.

However, concessions at the moment are musical chairs as lots of folks are walking away from their contracts.


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I believe Jaapsie Blaauw has the area.
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Stephan Jacobs has Nye Nye exclusively and renewed his lease last year for a further 3 years . I’ve hunted with him for bull ele the last 4 yrs...... fantastic place.

Sad that this year is not possible due to COVID

As to the west kaudum area, i don’t believe that’s its been allocated/ hunted at the moment.
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