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SCI exhibitor (long shot)

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23 January 2022, 08:25
Jason P
SCI exhibitor (long shot)
I know this is a long shot but thought I’d ask.

I spoke with a guide at the SCI show that is booking black bear hunts. My friend is really interested in booking a hunt with him.

I realize there may be more than one Cali guide. If you know of this guide, please let me know.

25 January 2022, 23:11

List of exhibitors. Could maybe search species or location to shorten the list.
26 January 2022, 05:24
Why would you go to California to hunt Black Bears??
You have great Bears in Utah... and big monsters in BC and Alberta... Alaska!! And we have good bears in Washington State... not many good outfitters... but almost self guided on some of the Reservations on the coast...

26 January 2022, 05:44
Big Wonderful Wyoming
California has really great bear hunting.

Tons of bears.

They won't be able to hunt them within 10 years, but they still have them.
26 January 2022, 06:05
Originally posted by Big Wonderful Wyoming:
California has really great bear hunting.

Tons of bears.

They won't be able to hunt them within 10 years, but they still have them.

Salt Creek drainage has many bears. The real problem is the idiots (Bay Area/Los Angeles) managed to out law the use of dogs.

Jim "Bwana Umfundi"

26 January 2022, 06:16
460 wby shooter
I believe at one time the largest bear ever killed by Hunter was from California!
26 January 2022, 09:09
Jason P

Thank you for that.


I have hunted bear in Utah but it’s a draw only state and it is difficult to draw a tag.

I am not hunting in California. I am helping a friend out as he is looking to hunt there.

I am hunting in Alberta this May.
26 January 2022, 10:47
I only spoke with one CA outfitter, interested in Boar hunts to practice with my double rifles. He wanted $2500 for one boar on a 3 day hunt!! I walked on... they used to be varmints and you could shoot all you could get in range....last hunt was $900...The Good Ol Days!!

I know, BEAR on the CA Flag... Big Bear State...


26 January 2022, 17:58
Jason P
$2,500 for a boar? Wow, I guess what’s good for some is not for others. 1 Feral ‘Trophy’ ha ha….
26 January 2022, 23:31
The outfitter with the expensive Boar hunts is OAKSTONE OUTFITTERS, PasoRobles. He only offers Boar, Tule Elk and Blacktail Deer on a large local ranch.
I did pick up one other brochure, LOCKWOOD HUNTING SERVICES up in Mendocino County. They only offer Boar and Blacktail Deer.
I googled Black Bear Hunting in California to see if I could cross reference any outfitters to the SCI EXHIBITORS list... no luck, but a number of outfitters came up. Here is the link-

Good Luck!!

27 January 2022, 00:00
Ok, more research-
Central Coast Outfitters, Santa Maria
Multiple Use Managers, Humboldt County

Both were also at SCI, and websites offer Black Bear.
I know MUM from years ago in developing hunting in various places, including Catalina Island.

There are some real good offerings in the link I sent. Be careful to go directly to outfitters and not agents. I will also chat with Brian Greig, brother of well known late Cam Greig Africa PH in Cameroon, and owners of BOMBAZI WILDERNESS on the East Cape of So.Af. They live in CA and hunted it extensively. They may have some good feedback??