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338 Lapua

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28 September 2020, 10:36
338 Lapua
I was talking to a buddy last night + he told me that the military is in the works of making a new belt-fed LMG in 338 Lapua. It would be impressive even if expensive. The plus side of this for us reloaders is a source of bulk brass. Does anyone know anything about this?

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19 November 2020, 01:12

FN Minimi will remain
Maximi will be renamed to Mediummi
And new Maximi will be .338

All clear :-)

Seriously what will be the main purpose of .338 LMG? Just to fill the gap between 7.62 and .50?

19 November 2020, 03:24
Higher velocity, flatter trajectory, enhanced armor penetration. Remember that the 50 dates from 1918. It's just a big 30-06 in design.