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Belgian Browning

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18 January 2021, 22:56
Belgian Browning
I had a question the value of a few Browning over/unders. In your guys opinion, what would a Belgian Citori or a Belgian Superposed be worth if they were in good condition? Both are 12 gauge.

Charles F. Bartlett
19 January 2021, 15:52
p dog shooter
The best way to determine prices is search the net for similar firearms.

Take a average and make your mind up what you are willing to pay and make your best deal on that information.
20 January 2021, 03:56
A citori was not made in Belgium. The citori is a slightly different gun than the Belgium Superposed. The citoris were built in a lot of different configurations over the years. The Beligum Superposed were also built in different configurations. Price will depend on the configuration. Usually the Belgium Superposed is worth more than the citori. However, the citori is more modern (choke tubes, forend takedown, and can be steel shot compatible) so some people prefer the citori.