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Help with overseas shipping
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I need too send a scope to Melbourne Australia. What is the best way to go, USPS, UPS or FedEx..

The recipient needs to send me payment, so what are his options..

Cost: probably a 4 lb. package insured for $250.

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Certainly no expert here, but I would check to make sure I didn't violate ITAR regulations if it was me.

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USPS International Priority flat rate will be 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of FEDEX.


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post office - they'll will ask what in the package
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Originally posted by butchloc:
post office - they'll will ask what in the package

I shipped some scopes to oz a couple years ago. The USPS said it was OK. Had no troubles. Most of the folks that I send stuff to outside the USA want USPS. Seems agents take a fee if Fedex, UPS, or DHL does the shipping.
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I have bought items from AR members which were shipped to New Zealand. Most cost effective option has been USPS. At about 3 weeks not the quickest but very reliable. So much so I dont usually bother with the extra insurance cost. All the courier options cost more and they're only worthwhile if delivery is urgent. In the days before all the extra security BS we have now I once had an item shipped via Fedex from Wyoming to NZ that arrived in 4 days !!!

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You might want to check with Reloading International, they sell overseas all the time, and sending a scope out of country IS illegal. They have the setup, doing it all the time, to acquire the required certificates from the requisite agency. I have been "visited" by Homeland Security for innocently trying to send a prohibited item (brass cases) out of the country. They can and will confiscate your item, so better be safe than sorry. Get hole of Reloading Inter. and let them do it.
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Again, subject to ITAR (and get the MAKER'S advice on that not the Post Office counter clerk) I have had many things sent USPS.

Here in UK, and elsewhere, they are considered a premium brand and one that is trusted. Also our side it goes via our domestic mail service at the same level of handling.

If you're not in it is held at the LOCAL Post Office. Fed-Ex? UPS? If you're not it it ends up at a depot maybe forty miles away that is only open Monday to Friday. That's why USPS is always asked for.

Regarding Australia regulations I'd ask on the Australia areas of this forum.

AFAIR if a thing requires an Australia Import Licence then the buyer must obtain that and then send it to YOU for YOU to attach to the goods.
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My only experience with this was mailing a fitted Luger case + stripper clips to a chap down under. There was no problem using the USPS.( never got paid either,oh well I have not lost my faith in fellow man)I don't think a scope would be a problem. A gun however.....

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