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Best way to sell a very rare winchester?

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25 May 2021, 19:34
Best way to sell a very rare winchester?
I was wondering if anyone had advice on a the best method or auction house to sell ultra-collectible winchesters?

I have a 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine that is in NRA Antique 95%+ condition with near 100% blue. I've researched the gun online and looked at dozens and dozens of examples for sale and nothing comes close as to pristine condition.

In light of that, where do the hardcore collectors go that are looking for top 1/10th of 1% quality pieces?

I'm not a lever gun guy or antique Winchester collector so I could use a hand learning more about that collecting syndicate.
31 May 2021, 04:41
Try these guys:
03 June 2021, 18:09
auction at morphy or rock island
07 June 2021, 03:28
wesley timmerman
I would try Miliestone Auctions in Ohio for the best deal for the seller/you. They are up and coming and pushing the big boys. Poulin's Auction would be my second choice. Both companies are honest. If you want to give the auction house 25%+ go with RIA or Morphy's but that's just to much for me.
09 June 2021, 23:48
Rock Island or Morphy's/Julia's, RIA might have a slight edge in prices realized on very similar guns and seem to do a bit better at promoting really special ones.

I highly recommend avoiding Holt's at all costs, they are thieves who never paid me for some books I consigned to them, and made no effort to promote the books. They sold one that generally brings about $700-800 in Fine condition for less than $300, personally inscribed by the Author to The Prince of Wales just before he became King. With very little effort it was a $2,500 book, but since they never paid me it matters little.

I strongly suspect that book stayed "in house".

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10 June 2021, 20:23
Commissions at RI Auctions are not 25% for items over $500; it depends on the selling price. Since they are the biggest, and have the most far reaching clientele, it makes sense to use them instead of a new house, which is not free and charges 20% as I understand, same as RIA.
However, to avoid any fees, you will have to sell it yourself. Here on AR, items will bring about 50% of actual value, I find.
19 June 2021, 00:02
jens poulsen
I would stay clear of auctionhouses. Find a collector.

I just exported a win 1892 in .44cal with 14" barrel to a collector on the US. I called some years back to RIA and before I saw it I would got less than $2000 for it with their fees, s&h, advertizement etc etc.

Network is the best way to sell and skip the middleman( or middlemen).

Try to put Winchesters up for sale here on AR. Lot of people who never post scout the gunssales. I sold a vintage Mauser once to someone like that.

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27 June 2021, 23:12
I saw one like yours in 38-40 sell for $4000 locally..It was a saddle ring carbine, be careful the woods are full of shysters on such guns..

I have a mod. 92 rifle in 38-40 3 digit ser number in great condition except for the bore and it was my granddads Texas Ranger rifle..I have his 4 diget 30-30 trapper src, and colt single action, had at least a dozen "collectors" make offers from so so to riciculas..It would take $125,000 for the guns with lots of documentation, to buy them, but in truth I tend to think I will put them on permenent loan to the Ranger Museum in Texas with lots of Ranger photographs on him, one with dead bandits killed on the King Ranch..

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21 July 2021, 18:56