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Working Rifles with a history spanning 2 centuries
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Part of collecting old rifles must surely be the pleasure of shooting those that are over 100 years since manufacture. My oldest "working rifle" is an 1870 - .577 Snider, an 1874 Swedish rolling block 12.7x44mm, 1876 Alex Henry 577/450 and even the old 1900 BSA 303 gets a lot of use with cast bullits.

577 Snider, 577/450 Alex Henry and 1883 Martini 577/450

Pristine bore on my 1874 Swedish Rolling block

1896 Martini Enfield and 1900 BSA LE with 1904 vintage folding range sight

Old Winchesters can also be a lot of fun: these 1892 (actually made in 1892) in 38/40 for Qld prison service

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I had a Martini that was chambered in 303 by the crown immediately after the discontinuation of the 577/450. I rebarreled it to a 25 Krag as the Australian version (25-303)dies were unavailable here at that time;+ being the same rim size so no bolt face alteration was neccesary.I like my Win. 92 in 25-20 + my Mannlicher 1903 in 6.5x54.

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