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07 June 2021, 10:41
cal pappas
ACGG member James Tucker
Whoever Jim Tucker is, there is no better work produced by the finest of London 'smiths.
The grip cap is magnificent.


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25 June 2021, 09:48
Jim is not only a Master of his craft, but also extremely knowledgeable and a might fine person !

Anyone who claims the 30-06 is ineffective has either not tried one, or is unwittingly commenting on their own marksmanship
Phil Shoemaker
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10 July 2021, 04:22
Use Enough Gun
What an outstanding opportunity someone had to learn from a master. I do hope that a lot of people took advantage of that class. Not sure how often those types of opportunities come around in a lifetime. tu2
20 February 2022, 00:21