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James Tucker Work

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07 November 2019, 00:41
James Tucker Work

07 November 2019, 01:33
Jim Kobe
The man is a master!

Jim Kobe
10841 Oxborough Ave So
Bloomington MN 55437

Professional Member, American Custom Gunmakers Guild,
07 November 2019, 02:49
Beautiful. You have a picture of the whole stock??
07 November 2019, 18:04
Wow! Stating the obvious, but that is some outstanding work.
30 November 2019, 16:47
G&H pattern, 24LPI

01 December 2019, 13:12
Alan Roundy
Jim, what kind of marking pencil/pen do you use?
02 December 2019, 08:31
VERY NICE !!! This man has a very steady hand.

Never mistake motion for action.
03 December 2019, 01:09
Originally posted by NormanConquest:
VERY NICE !!! This man has a very steady hand.

Extremely nice.
03 June 2020, 19:39
Browning Shotgun 24 LPI

03 June 2020, 22:22
Peter Connan
04 June 2020, 07:43
Amazing talent.
Very good quality wood to allow such precise work.

04 June 2020, 22:29
British Style Rifle done at 24 LPI, Grip Cap 32 LPI

06 June 2020, 22:36
Peter Connan
19 June 2020, 19:34
Use Enough Gun
Beautiful! I love checkering done by a Master! tu2
29 June 2020, 15:16
cal30 1906
Exquisite work!

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