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Tanzania-Watchman kills burglar with his bow

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16 December 2006, 03:01
Tanzania-Watchman kills burglar with his bow
Ancient bow-and-arrow shatter alleged thief ribs

by Happy Lazaro

From The Arusha Times

A man was killed by an arrow that shattered his ribs as he allegedly tried to steal a mattress from the offices of a company known as Tanfoam in Esso area in the municipality.

The deceased who could not be identified tip-toed to the office at about 7 pm on December 6, broke the door and entered into the office, according to the Police.

As he tried to pick a mattress of his choice a watchman, Jumanne Hamisi (40) who has been watching his movements released an arrow from a bow fatally hitting his target, according to the police.

By the time we went to press the body of the alleged burglar laid at the Mount Meru Hospital mortuary awaiting identification.


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