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Target for crossbow...?

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26 July 2018, 07:55
Target for crossbow...?
What is a good brand of target that you can shoot bolts into it AND pull them out easily?

I just bought a new crossbow and my Morrell Yellow Jackey target buries a bolt! Not so with an arrow from my 50# compound bow..! They only go in a short distance.

Please recommend a stout target brand? Thank you!

27 July 2018, 00:20
27 July 2018, 08:12
You are going to want to get a target that will work with both field points and broadheads. I have a blob target but it is far from portable. If I were to purchase another, I would look at getting this one:

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27 July 2018, 16:29
2th doc
Buy any of the 3d targets they will stop any bolt...your issue with removing the shaft can be easily fixed by using arrow lube. Any archery shop sells it as do on liners like Amazon, myself I keep a small cloth at hand well sprayed with Pam. Every couple of shots I run the shaft over with the cloth.
27 July 2018, 20:30

First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer my question - I really appreciate it!

butchloc - cute answer...!

thecanadian - I think you have the correct answer, a target like Rinehart that can take such a fast bolt & not go in TOO far. I will check them out on Amazon now.

2th doc - I had no idea of lubing a bolt w/ Pam...! It makes sense, and I will certainly try that tip now.

I will have to reserve my older Morrell target for field points w/ my compound bow from now on. I was just shocked at the speed of the new crossbow, I guess?

Thank you again for taking the time to help an old retired Army veteran out..!