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Best broad head for cape buffalo?

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10 September 2021, 23:58
Brian Canada
Best broad head for cape buffalo?
What is the best broad head for a cape buffalo. #80 compound. Thanks, Brian
11 September 2021, 01:02
I can tell you what’s not good, that’s an Ashby 300 grain single bevel. I and a friend used them. Poor penetration on Cape buffalo, due to the tips of the broadhead breaking off.

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11 September 2021, 01:24
Brian Canada
dfo6, Thanks, I have actually read the same thing.
11 September 2021, 02:36
VPA ( Vantage Point Archery) Single or double bevel
11 September 2021, 04:17
Either the VPA or Cutthroat single bevel. I’ve had, and seen, the Grizzlystik heads break on big animals.
13 September 2021, 16:39
Brian- Check out the Silver Flame by German Kinetics. Pretty sure this is the gold standard.
13 September 2021, 20:33
Brian Canada
Thanks for everyone's help. Much appreciated.

Crane, Thanks. I have read the same thing as you say about German Kinetics. Also Iron Will.

27 September 2021, 00:37
Grizzly Adams1
Whale harpoon? Big Grin


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I think they've been misunderstood. Timothy Tredwell
27 September 2021, 01:52
Brian Canada
Grizz, I will make a note. chuckle/ Brian