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With a recurve, which quiver do you use?

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08 August 2002, 06:24
<JB Florida>
With a recurve, which quiver do you use?
With a recurve, which quiver do you use?

I have been shooting a 1965 Bear Grizzly a good bit, But have not hunted with it yet.
Do you prefer a bow mounted or a back or hip quiver?

I will do some treestand hunting, but will stalk a bit too as I have good success with my compound during previous bow seasons!

Thanks in Advance!
08 August 2002, 06:47
JB Florida
I use a Hip quiver now only. I think it is quiet and easy to get to. It is a more quiet quiver when shooting.
The back quiver is just not to my liking for many reasons with the main one being that I constantly get caught up in the vegetation.
The Bow attached quiver I find is very noisy on release.
I always took my bow quiver off after I got set anyway.
I would recommend the Hip style for your bow.
Like all archery likes and dislikes it is personal choice. I think in this case quiet, accessible and comfort rule with a Hip quiver.
Have fun and God hunting [Cool]
08 August 2002, 07:02
I agree with DOATargets statement that it is all about what you find comfortable.
Me I can't even think about a hip quiver as when I am still hunting it is always getting hung up.
I use a Rancho Safari backquiver their Mini back for arrows only. I had Jerry add a second shoulder strap so I were it like a backpack and it is great. I hunted Africa the end of June and I had a bow quiver on my Compound last year and blew a stalk on a nice Blue Wildebeast when a little limb form a ground hugging bush ticked an arrow [Frown]
The Back quiver allowed me to crawl crouch under slide around bushes and scrub and if my head and shoulders went through the quiver did too.

My 2 cents as I know a number of hunters who love their hip quivers.
Borrow one form somebody and spend the day stump shooting in the woods and see what works for you.

08 August 2002, 07:09
Greg -
The Rancho Safari backquiver sounds like a great fit for you and JB. [Smile] I find it uncomfortable in a tree though. [Roll Eyes]
08 August 2002, 07:16
I agree that wearing it in a tree is not what it is designed for. When I am on a stand I take it iff and hang it from a limb of peg near by where I can reach it and it is out of the way.


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08 August 2002, 12:28
in thick cover i find a back quiver a pain the feathers are always rubbing brush. I use a bear hook on quiver on my bows. They come off fast and easy when on stand. ( i shoot better without the quiver)And on the bow they are easy to get through the woods.
08 August 2002, 13:05
I use a bowmounted quiver on my Bighorn and have had no problems with it.
I can't bear the thought of having inserts put in the Blacktail I'm having built so I'm going to try the Catquiver and if that's a bust will use a mounted quiver that mounts through the limb bolts.
08 August 2002, 17:09
I use a bow mounted quiver on my recurve also. It is the type that is friction fit over the limbs. I like the heft it gives, and it seems to dampen vibration and reduce noise. It is a little awkward for stalking, but I have found them all to be awkward when trying to be quiet.

[Smile] Canuck
09 August 2002, 00:25
Give them a call and talk to Jerry about the quiver I took to South Africa or send me a e-mail and I can fill you in.

09 August 2002, 03:52
<JB Florida>
Hey Yall,

Thanks for the Suggestions!

I have a hip quiver that is used for targets and stumps. I may try a back quiver!
09 August 2002, 07:19
Dave Jenkins
ive also gone to a hip quiver that i take off when I get to where I'm gonna stay for a while. Sometimes I will tie it to my backback. I used to use a Great Northern bow quiver on my longbow. As far as bow quivers go it was decent. I just dont care for the way a bow quiver changes the balance of a bow and also dont care to wave around my bright fletches [Eek!] .
09 August 2002, 10:53
<JB Florida>
Right Dave!

That is why I prefer an off-the-bow quiver.
The balance is better for me this way.
Also, I can use a hip or back quiver with my recurve or longbow!

I really appreciate all the advice!
09 August 2002, 12:00
<Dave Iams>
I have an old Bighorn on my Widow and a Greatnorthern on my Assenhiemer. I like the x-tra weight that a quiver adds too my bows. It stabilize's it perfect. I've shot with quite a few famous trad guys and they say I shoot funny but I usally out shoot em so I'll keep shooting my way! (G. Fred was the only one I could not beat)
10 August 2002, 13:12
Hey, for me it depends on the bow. Generally, I prefer a hip quiver, but I have a couple shorter recurves that need the stabilizing effect Canuck was talking about. Once upon a time, I bought a traditional back quiver. I looked pretty stylish at the archery range but it was a complete pain-in-the-butt everywhere else. One year I tried a Cat-Quiver style quiver. Great idea, but not as great as one would think afield. It too has sat in my attic for nearly a decade. The hip quiver I like best to use is a real cheapie. Small and light it holds six arrows.

The key to using these quivers is to wear them high on a separate belt and cut off any laces to tie the thing to your leg. Wear the arrows nearly vertical and close to your body, slightly behind you, and high on your hips. This way they're out of harms way, silent, accessible, and don't look like tail feathers!

Oh, and those press-on bow quivers are made by a company called Selway Archery. And they work great!
16 August 2002, 10:23
<Old Jim>
Hey guys, I'm not bowhunting anymore because of too many arrows from too heavy of bows for too many years. I learned after 25 years of shooting longbows and recurves with a locked elbow on my bow arm that the recoil from the bows will create chronic bursitis in the shoulder joint.
The last several years I hunted I used a homemade "Sioux quiver"
A straight tube made of buckskin suspended by a single strap over the right shoulder. The arrows are carried fletch forward. A ring of fur around the inside of the mouth of the quiver will silence the shaft rattle and allow the fletch to be carried in the quiver with only the nocks protruding. Usually, an arrow shaft is laced to the top of the quiver. This provides a stiffening effect and attachment points for the shoulder strap. I put a wad of artificial lambswool in the bottom of the quiver to protect the buckskin from the broadheads.
It sounds a little hokey but there were a few of the "traditional sales houses" that were carrying them a few years ago.
Easy to make and easy to carry.
28 September 2006, 22:16
Have used em all, but prefer a bow mounted quiver, especially when ground hunting. too often the back quiver handicaps your "walk in the woods" by catching on limbs and branches. I made a soft (pigskin) indian style quiver by stitching the sides, sewing in an oval shaped piece of leather in the bottom (rubber lined) and stiching the open end back on itself over a piece of romex electrical cable. This allows for me to sqeeze the open end down around the shafts to prevent their moving and making noise. It's light, allows for eay arrow removal and can be hung over eiher shoulder or from either hip.