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Rage for black bear
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I'm debating on an upcoming black bear hunt with my bow. I've never shot anything with a bow. It's gonna be a spot and stalk hunt. I purchased a package of Rage 3 blade broadheads on the recommendation of a friend. I'm not sure if I should use them or if I should buy the Montec fixed blade broadheads like I originally planned on. Thanks.
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Use the rage on whitetails. A lite duty head in my opinion.
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Broadhead choice doesn't matter as much as good arrow flight, sharp broadheads, and actual practice shooting the broadheads that you'll be using. Sounds like a really fun hunt you have planned good luck!

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I have killed 3 BIG black bears with a rage. Tuck it in right behind the shoulder, and never had one go far at all. Most only 50-80 yards.

Black bears can be tough on the shot because you can't see a crease behind the shoulder because of the black. You don't want to gut shoot them. All my rages have zipped right through, even with 60 lb bows.

Good Hunting,

Tim Herald
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You can use the Rage, but I'd be more comfortable shooting a fixed blade broadhead for black bears.

Like J_Zola, I consider the Rage heads to be somewhat light duty heads.
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Personally I would not even consider the Rage -- but that is just me -- stick with a fix blade head and you will be just fine.

OMG!-- my bow is "pull-push feed" - how dreadfully embarrasing!!!!!
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Black Bears are not much different in hide texture or toughness than Whitetails. Also if you watch the rage video on there web site it shows a black bear kill with a 2 blade head.

Rage blades work great and will leave an incredable blood trail. You will hear stories about people saying they dont open when they hit an animal. cause they shot an animal perfect with them and it ran for 875 yrds with a huge blood trail and never found the animal.

Then you have the other side of the crowd saying they open to easy and will open when shot or open while your walking.

All of which is non-sense. The blade is sharp as hell and will cut you if your not careful, it flies like field points. shoot with your practice head that comes with the package. Make sure your dialed in nice and tight. Dont shoot your hunting heads into a target, it will only cause problems.
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Thanks for the replies.
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100gr slick trick magnums= one dead bear
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I have shot several bear with a rifle and one with a handgun.

They can have as much as 5" of fat on them.

I have only shot 2 deer with a bow, a doe and an 8 point buck.

My bow is @64lbs at 28". The deer were shot at 24 and 25 yards, both times [they were shot with the same arrow, resharpened after the first kill] the arrow went totally through the deer. On the buck it broke a rib on the way in and went through the shoulder blade on the way out.

I use the Mangus 100gr Stinger 4 blade.

It shoots great to 40 yards [that is as far as I have shot it, targets only].

I would NEVER use a mechanical on a bear.

I have shot some Slick Trick 100gr 4 blades and they shoot great, but I have not killed anything with them yet.

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