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wild turkey feathers for arrows

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14 May 2006, 00:59
wild turkey feathers for arrows
Does anyone here use wild turkey feathers for their arrows??? If so what do you think about them?

14 May 2006, 22:56
I have a bunch of turkey wing feathers but I haven't yet got/made the tools to cut and use them.
15 May 2006, 01:19
Boss Kongoni
I've made a few historically design based( dogw3ood shafts, sinue & hide glue,flint arrow heads) arrows as gifts for friends.

I've also tried a few on a few Hickory shafts I have. They fly gust as good as any feather I ever bougth from gateway.

They are very time consumingto build with, The Beinnifit is yourshooting improves you DO NOT want to lose them.

Big Grin

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17 May 2006, 21:52
They work well! Look for the feathers that have a high oil line. You'll know what I'm talking about when you look. You can use a utility knife to cut them (Skilled (I'm not) people can do it by hand!) Use a little sandpaper to smooth it.

Make sure you are using the correct wing depending on what clamp you have on your fleatching tool.

Hope this helps!!

John VanDusen
Ishpeming, MI
18 May 2006, 01:07
Ok, where can one buy said feathers?? Very hard to hunt them enough around here to get any.