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Very Nice archery kudu
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A friend send me the following photos of an Kudu hunted on his farm in the Ellisras district of Limpopo.

The lucky hunter was Jacques Strauss.

His setup was as follows:

Mathews Switchback set at 70#. He used Easton 340 arrows tipped with a 125gr Sonic broad head. Total arrow weight was 482gr and speed was 245fps.

He shot the Kudu over a distance of 30 yards and the animal went down in about 60 yards.

The horns on this animal is remarkable as this type of spiral is not often seen on a kudu.

Jacques great shot and congratulations.

and did I mention that he had a pass through

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Congrats Jaques! What can we say Confused or shall we say, a perfect hunt with a perfect bow thumb stir
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Very cool looking trophy!


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VERY UNUSUAL horn configuration.I have seen some narrow ones before but not like that.Often the narrow ones carry more in the curl and thus score better than the wide ones.{Personally I prefer the look of the wide ones in spite of this.) Ah, well! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Regardless, this is a fine specimen.

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Not everyone gets a kudu.

Getting one with a bow is special. That's a neat trophy.
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