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Three under?

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06 August 2014, 19:25
Three under?
How many traditional archers here shoot with three fingers under? A bowyer I know told me to switch to this from two-under, one-over and my increased accuracy was like magic.

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
06 August 2014, 20:20
Safari James
I shoot three under with my traditional bows.

Safari James
07 August 2014, 02:13
I shoot three-under also. I shot split-finger for many years, but greatly prefer three-under for bringing the arrow closer to my eye for aiming.
07 August 2014, 03:22
I shoot one over and two under. I always have. Most people I see who shoot three under are string walking or face walking rather than shooting purely instinctively.
07 August 2014, 09:26
I am definitely not a purely instinctive shooting. I don't face-walk or string-walk. I use a combination of gap shooting and "laser beaming". There are many different ways to get the arrow from A to B. I recommend the Masters of the Barebow series of DVDs.
07 August 2014, 15:40
p dog shooter
I have 3 under the trigger of my cross bow Eeker

When I use to shoot long and recurve I shot with two under.
31 October 2017, 02:57
Yes, it makes a big difference, although I prefer split. You may need to adjust nock and tiller (if possible).

Whose your bowyer, Adcock?
31 October 2017, 09:24
Correct. If you're having a bow built you need to specify split or three under since the tiller is different.

I shoot split. After almost 50 years of bow hunting it's still my preference.

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- Glen St Charles

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01 November 2017, 11:25
Another three under arra chucker.. Mostly long bows, fool around with recurves on occasion. Every once in a blue moon, shoot split, from the chest, but that's close range, usually light bows, goofing off..
Don't gap or string walk, but there is some mostly subconscious aiming going on. Upon review, realized I use the left side of the bow pretty much like a front sight. Have one recurve with fairly wide limbs and a deep cut window, I need to be a little more deliberate with the shot, or I,'ll shoot to the left..
11 November 2017, 20:16
I've always shot split-finger, maybe should try three-under once, just to see.
I didn't really like a whatchamacallit, although it was perceptibly more consistent.

It gets me some funny looks when I shoot a light compound split-finger...


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Carl Schurz (1829 - 1906)
03 February 2019, 17:16
I shoot 3 fingers under, don't string walk, adjust anchor point, and some gap shooting. Just always seemed more natural, maybe because I also shoot compound 3 finger under with no sight when hunting. Competition I shoot sights and release for compound and 3 finger under for Re-curve or Long Bow. All my Traditionalist bows are handmade and tiller set for 3 under, hunting Compound I set the timing for the cams for finger shooting and proper timing for 3 fingers under. Most people just don't understand the importance of proper wheel timing on a compound, or proper tiller on a traditional Bow. It just makes the bow much more forgiving to shoot.
03 February 2019, 23:14
ATpro, welcome to a great Web site.
I found the three-under seemed really unnatural at first, going from split-finger, but the accuracy improvement was immediate and obvious, so I stuck with it.

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
04 February 2019, 01:38
3-under works better for me.
24 October 2019, 04:18
I changed from split to 3 under with my longbow, didn’t love the
Accuracy so changed to 2 under (recommended by a friend) & my accuracy has
improved substantially! I’m shooting a 49 pound ACS longbow.