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Having problems finding a new release.

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23 September 2006, 13:39
Having problems finding a new release.
Well, my Tru Fire Hurricane glove has finally bit the dust. I was practicing in the back yard, and all of a sudden, I started uncontrollably hitting myself in the face with my draw hand!!! Oh wait, the jaw lock up was failing. Heh, some of you just thought I was nuts!! Big Grin Anyhow, I backed off the trigger adjustment a little, and still SMACK!! Man, that got old fast. Then, I decided to try my wife's Little Goose. The trigger was way smoother than my Hurricane, but the strap is not really on the comfortable side.

I had looked @ some other releases, Spot Hogg, Tru Ball, Carter, Stan also. None of them really have enough material on the wrist strap to make me feel comfortable. I then realized that part of the reason why the Goose was not jivin is cause with the glove, I had something to grab onto while drawing. Then, I had a revelation. I saw the Stan Eagle 4 finger. It has the 4 finger release, and a wrist strap also. Besides that model, who else makes a release with a 4 finger handle and wrist strap?
23 September 2006, 18:46
I have been shooting a Tru Ball for two years with 80# bows without a single problem. I tried others and never had the accuracy or confidence. I love this thing and will never change. I have large wrists and it has never slipped even though the large straps don't reach deep, the small strap secures it just fine. I have bought many releases and sold all but the Tru Ball. It will release the string straight. I had one of the other ones that made me hit WAY to the left, dumped it fast. I shoot better with fingers then it did.
24 September 2006, 06:39
I try to shoot 20 to 30 arrows a day year round. I usually shoot at least 4 days a week.
I have only owned a TRU BALL. I have never had a single problem with it.
25 September 2006, 01:55
I found an older Tru Fire glove model layin around the garage, so shooting that till my Stan 4 finger Eagle gets in. My draw with the glove was more solid right off the bat cause I had someting to grip. Man, I hope that Stan works out, I hate buying stuff without really trying it. I just have to figure out the middle finger trigger though, sould be fun. Talk about lettin the shot surprise you.
25 September 2006, 15:27
Here's another vote for a Tru-Ball. I've shot mine going on ten years with 70 and 80 lb bows with never a problem - and I tend to practice a lot. The wrist strap doubles back for a double-velcro hold. Very secure.


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25 September 2006, 16:42
Rusty Marlin
I've been using one of these for 10 years now. Best hunting release I've ever tried. I went through them all ( or at least as many as I could get my hands on at the proshop).
winn free flight

If you shoot with a loop they make a release that works with those too.

I found a tru fire Hurracane on e-bay just a minute ago.

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03 October 2006, 00:29
Boy am I glad I lost the bid on that Stan! I just got back from the pro shop lookin for a new bowstring and buss, and they had the 4 finger model there. I got to TRY it out. I never did get my bow fully drawn, I was too afraid I was gonna smack myself in the face by hitting the trigger with the middle finger. I just couldnt do it. Not cause my mind was sayin no, it just felt so awkward drawing with my middle finger extended. Ugh. I decided to stick with the X caliper glove for now. I am bidding on a Bear Paw, the calipers are shorter so the trigger is closer to the fingers.