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Turkey Broadhead

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09 November 2013, 05:29
Turkey Broadhead
What is the best broad head for turkey hunting?

09 November 2013, 10:20
any big cut on contact head like a Simmons, used with a Zwickey Scorpio on the shaft behind the head to impede penetration to about 12-16 inches. The shaft staying in the bird inhibits its ability to fly, or run very far.

Birmingham, Al
11 November 2013, 17:26
I have killed a dozen or so turkeys and I have always used what ever I was using for white tails, which is Muzzy MX4 or slick trick mags.

NRA Patron member
12 November 2013, 07:06
Same as above mentioned. I have used 125 grain three blade Muzzys for both deer and turkey. The birds went 20 and 40 yards respectively. I thought 40 yards was far, however turkeys prove to be a worthy target past 30 yards oblong and never staying still for long.
13 November 2013, 04:30
Like everyone else it seems, I simply use the same broadheads that I use for whitetails....
15 November 2013, 06:25
Thanks for the affirmation. Spring hunts are solo for Turkey. I will plan to use the same 125gr broad head I use for deer.