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Where to hunt in Jan for Deer?

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28 November 2006, 06:29
Where to hunt in Jan for Deer?
Anyone know of a good archery Deer hunt (guided) for 2 people that could be done in Jan? Looking for something with a good chance of success and less then 3K per person. White Tail would be nice but really any species OK.

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28 November 2006, 14:53
Ohio's archery deer season runs through January, and the deer are actively feeding whenever they can - but the weather is iffy, the deer are wary after months of bow hunting, and most Ohio farms are so small that activity on neighboring farms can ruin the hunt.

More than half of my hunting days are ruined by the neighbors...

I don't know of any professional guides hereabouts, but maybe you could find someone.


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30 November 2006, 19:41
The whitetail Rut is usually going on in mid January in Alabama. If you can find a Bow only outfit there, you'll probably be in business.

Also don't rule out The Mississippi River in Miss/La. Those bucks rut during Early January usually from just after Christmas to a couple of weeks into January.

Check w/ some of the Bow only outfits. May want to try Jiles Island or a similar operation.

Also may find a bow only outfit in Texas where the bucks are hitting feeders pretty hard at that time of year.

I'd personally rather hunt in the southern states when it's that time of year especially w/ bow because of the mild winters.

Good Luck

01 December 2006, 02:45
Thanks guys. Can anyone suggest a specific outfitter or possibly where the best place to look would be?

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02 December 2006, 01:14
Arizona has archery hunts for Coues whitetail during the rut in January. Alabama's rut, like Reloader mentioned, kicks in around January 14th in the north, and a week later south of Birmingham.

Try Portland Landing, they have a Dawson tract that is archery only, in Alabama.

Call Ralph Anderson, in Tucson, AZ for Coues. 520-722-4103

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