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long bow for long arm

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01 June 2006, 23:34
long bow for long arm
I have a fairly long draw, my arrows are 32" long for my compound. I want to start shooting a long bow. What length of long bow do I look for? Do taller guys buy longer bows? Thanks

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02 June 2006, 05:04
Boss Kongoni
Yes,,,you'll want a longbow at least 64" in lenght. Do a web search for Michigan Longbow (Assoc? Club?) they have a big shoot coming up. Also Comptom Bowmen hjave a bnig shot in Bering Springs very soon. There will be bowyers at both events,

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02 June 2006, 06:31
I would even go a little longer. The stack on a short longbow would be hard to take. I would say 64" would be borderline for a recurve with a 32" draw.
But I have to ask, what bow do you draw at that length? Longbows and recurves are usually not drawn as far as a compound. You will easily draw at least an inch less, maybe more.
02 June 2006, 17:20
Thanks Guys. Actually I shoot an Oneida Pro Eagle. I love it. I shoot 2613 alum arrows about 255 fps give or take. I just want to try a long bow or maybe a recurve. I know my bow really slams a deer. I rather be hit by a truck.

Windage and elevation, Mrs. Langdon, windage and elevation...
05 June 2006, 20:58
Boss, You say that in general, one would draw "farther" on a compound than on a recurve or longbow? That's a scarry though. I've got a 30" draw, so would that mean that I would draw 31" on a compound? (just curious).

08 June 2006, 00:19
Very possible, I shoot 29" with a recurve and 30" with a compound. All of my friends do the same.
21 June 2006, 22:44
Most traditional shooters shoot with a bent bow hand and lean somewhat into the shot so as to align their eye over the shaft. I draw a 30 inch arrow, 29 inches with my compound, yet only draw a 27in arrow to my 26in draw with my longbow. Unless you shoot your stick bow as a target shooter, i.e., bow held vertically with full bow arm extension, it is likely that you will loose a couple of inches shooting in the traditional style with a canted bow.