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Which bow are you using these days?

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31 May 2017, 20:09
Which bow are you using these days?
I never jumped on the bandwagon of upgrading bows each year...and my Mathews Drenalin still kills em dead Cool I have not even kept up with all the new names and features of these newer bows.

My friend is trying to get me to buy his Heli-M and it got me wondering if anyone on here has upgraded their bow or if they are still shooting the same one they have for years.
01 June 2017, 03:10
Heym 450/400
I usually upgrade every 3-4 years...this is long enough to get proficient and still keep up with the latest technological advances. I was shooting a Hoyt Carbon Element and just upgraded to a Carbon Defiant.
01 June 2017, 06:20
Hunting For Adventure
Currently shooting a Halon. I like it.

Tom Addleman

02 June 2017, 05:53
Bowtech RPM 360
02 June 2017, 12:49
Black Widow recurve.
03 June 2017, 23:43
Wes Wallace long bow..
05 June 2017, 04:52
I still use my Indian purchased in the 1980's.
Up grade this year to a crossbow. arthritis in both my shouldes makes it hard to pull back a bow.
05 June 2017, 06:41
the same 1969 model Bear Takedown recurve I've used for the last 48 years. archer

Birmingham, Al
07 June 2017, 06:59
Thomas "Ty" Beaham
Deer opener is just a few weeks away.

I'll be shooting my Chill R again this Summer and Fall

Let's Go Brandon!
07 June 2017, 14:00
Bowtech Invasion 80lbs. Took a beautiful 30 inch Nyala in the Hluhluwe area (Zululand) a couple of months ago. He didn't know it wasn't the latest 2017 model!!!

08 June 2017, 04:30
The Drenalin is one of the best bows ever made. I had two Drenalin LD bows. My sone has the standard Drenalin. I dropped about $1000 on a new bow to replace the Drenalin. It also is a great but, but I gained very little if anything for $1000.

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09 June 2017, 03:59
Just moved my Mathews Outback and DXT and replaced them with two Elites---an Answer and a Hunter. Just like the draw cycle and firm back wall so much better.

An old pilot, not a bold pilot, aka "the pig murdering fool"
11 June 2017, 05:40
I'm still shooting my Mathews Switchback. Damned accurate, shoots my chosen arrows at 304 fps and has killed everything I have shot at.

Guns and hunting
15 August 2017, 05:52
The same custom made in Gillette WY 25 years ago 65# at 29" longbow.

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15 August 2017, 20:49
i have 2 bowtech destroyers (2010 models). one is a D340 70#; and a custom limbed 80# D350.

just can't see a reason to change. the d350 slings a 640gr arrow at 275 fps. and the D340 a 487gr arrow at 295 fps.
21 August 2017, 01:23
I use a Strother Wrath made in 2014.

24 September 2017, 08:44
Bowtech Destroyer and the RPM

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24 September 2017, 09:46
Same one for the past ten years or so: DAS Dallaa. Cool

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25 September 2017, 21:39
p dog shooter
One with horizontal limbs.
27 September 2017, 01:27
centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow.great shooter
22 October 2017, 08:00
Just realized I had already posted---

An old pilot, not a bold pilot, aka "the pig murdering fool"
30 October 2017, 03:05
Hoyt Nitrum Turbo.
29" @ 60lbs chronos 299 fps, but I've found that's not fast enough to beat their noses!

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16 November 2017, 05:30
Upgraded to a Mathews Chill X this year. I love it because of how well the longer bow fits me. I like you had been shooing the same bow for ten years. The new top tier bows draw amazingly smooth.
11 December 2017, 08:14
My primary hunting bow is the Bear Firststrike XLR I bought about 20 years ago, though I did upgrade the arrow rest a couple of years ago. It still works fine, as the doe I shot a couple of weeks ago can attest to. I also shoot a 35 year old Bear recurve and a Turkish horse bow for fun. I used to shoot a longbow, but it broke and I have yet to replace it.

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13 December 2017, 16:39
Thinking a crossbow from Excalibur to get back in the game. Right shoulder's about worn out.

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01 January 2018, 12:20
ar corey
Originally posted by dustoffer:
Just moved my Mathews Outback and DXT and replaced them with two Elites---an Answer and a Hunter. Just like the draw cycle and firm back wall so much better.

Both those Elite's have the best cam back walls in the industry.
12 February 2018, 20:22
Charlie P.(NY)
Currently shooting a Red Wing Hunter (Pre-Head) .

Last fall I was using another Red Wing Hunter (Head Ski era - 1968 or so). The broadhead was a Mowoc Dot made in 1960.

14 February 2018, 05:16
Im shooting an older Cabelas branded Parker..

Ive been thinking about upgrading to a Matthews Halon 32.. but havent decided yet..

The Parker still gets the job done just fine.. My wife got a new Matthews Avail a few months ago though and jealousy has started to take hold.. her Avail is one seriously nice, quiet, and efficient bow..
03 March 2018, 17:06
ar corey
2011 K&K Vindicator
04 March 2018, 10:36
73 lb Botech rpm360 and a 89lb Botech 340 (custom limbs)
05 March 2018, 19:39
ndp, did you get barnsdale to make 89# limbs??

he would only send me 80s, and that took some persuading.
08 March 2018, 02:06
Yep they are Barnsdale.

You never know what they are going to actual be until you put them on the bow.

I got one set that was supposed to bring the bow up to 84 and I actually dropped one pound from the old stock limbs!

Next set we thought would get me to 85, my goal and they came in at 89lbs! They are a very smooth limb and very well made.
08 March 2018, 22:17
yeah i've been happy with them. with my first set for my D350 at around 79lbs, a tiny splinter developed along one edge. I sent dave a picture and he sent me new limbs immediately. those are right at 80# after i twisted the cables a bit.

he told me to break the splinter, sand it, and apply some super glue and rock on, so i put that set on my D340. they are right around 75#. I did the limb swap a couple weeks ago on that bow and was bare shaft tuned in about 5 minutes. they are great!
11 March 2018, 19:49
ar corey
My most memorable bowhunt was 7 years ago and I had 2 tags. Regular and antlerless.

I was shooting a Hoyt Carbon Element and shot a doe broadside at 20 yards. Then a buck walked up. 70 pounds at 330 IBO resulted in a complete pass through on both deer using the Exodus broadhead.

The only thing I didn't like about the Hoyt Element was the back wall. If you creeped forward any amount the bow would start letting down immediately. The Elite Answer and Hunter have to be pushed forward to let down.
11 March 2018, 19:52
ar corey
16 March 2018, 05:23
Bowtech Prodigy.
16 March 2018, 14:12
Just got a real sweetheart... 70# Javaman Elkheart.
16 March 2018, 19:58
Charlie P.(NY)
Nice. Gregg is as nice a guy as you could ask for and does beautiful work. He also produced the Shrew bows for a time, but I don't know if that is still the case.
17 March 2018, 02:55
Gregg runs his own custom bow business these days.
17 June 2018, 10:18
low saddle
Don’t update as much as I’d like I currently have a Hoyt carbon spyder and my last compound was a Hoyt ultramag, I should shoot them a little more then I might be able to justify an update , time will see I spose