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Magnus heads...

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02 October 2006, 18:45
Magnus heads...
Any of you used Magnus 2 blade heads?

I bought some of the black vented two bladed style for my recurve set-up a while back and decided to try em' through my Mathews at 300+ fps a few days ago. They group well right with my field points which surprised me since they are glued onto an insert I figured they may be slightly out of line and plane a little at high speeds. They spin tested very well so I tried them on the target and was pleased w/ the results.

I've got one sharpened and in the quiver. If a buck hasn't shown in the next few hunts I may nock one of these Magnus heads and try it on a doe.

10 October 2006, 06:56
I bought some unvented Magnus II, 125 gr 2-blade broadheads, and they impress me. They are glued on, but every one of the six spun true.

They shoot true from my Allegiance, too.

The blade is .050 at the tip, with the wings .025 thick. I rounded the tip just a bit, as I think the finely pointed tips will be prone to bending on bone if unmodified.

They come sharp from the factory, needing only a couple of strokes from a fine stone to be blindingly sharp.

I think the Grizzly BHs are better for the heaviest game, but they take almost an hour apiece to prep. If you wade through all the verbiage here, you will see why I think the Grizzlies are better.

I hope to test the Magnus IIs on a deer soon!


...from Texas, by way of Mason, Ohio and Aurora, Colorado!
10 October 2006, 09:43
I have used a lot of Magnus (mosty the journeyman style) heads from my longbows and recurves. I pretty much only use two brands of broadheads any more.

Magnus and the Bear Razorheads (with and without bleeder blades). Neither one has ever let me down when I do my part.

The three blade heads always seem to whistle when I shoot them no matter what I do.

I messed around with the grizzly's and wolverines but I just like the the other two better.
10 October 2006, 10:03
Hey Don, remember all the arguments I have had regarding fast, light arrows being worthless? I hope everyone reads that article. About as scientific as it can get.
I watched the crap again on the Outdoor channel when the archer was pleased with 6" of penetration on a deer. Real nut case if you ask me. I can throw an arrow that deep with a piece of string.
10 October 2006, 16:03

Yep, heavy is good.

I was really amazed at the difference that different edge styles made. The last article goes into testing edges in detail.

The Grizzly with it's single-bevel edge, with the tip sharpened "Tanto-style" as loboga suggested turns out to be the very best for penetration when you must get through bone - like on buffalo, bison, or moose.

By asking advice here I wound up with the best possible setup even before I found the last article on edges!


...from Texas, by way of Mason, Ohio and Aurora, Colorado!