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what cover for chains on API climbers?

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06 November 2006, 21:13
what cover for chains on API climbers?
The covers on mine are pretty well torn up. The covers look like they are made of shrink tube. Is that correct? If so, what size is it?
07 November 2006, 01:15
Hey Max, you can buy the tubes for the APIs w/ the holes already punched through for the pens. Ask your local API dealer or call API direct. I helped a cousin put some on last season. We fired up the fish cooker and heated the shrink wrap. Be very careful and make sure you make quick passes above the flame as the flame will burn a whole through the wrap in just a second if you are slow about it.

API cust service:

Phone: 1-800-228-4846 ext. 110

Good Luck!