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older hoyt raider compound adjustments.

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21 September 2006, 04:10
older hoyt raider compound adjustments.
I have an older hoyt raider compound bow that was given to me for my daughter and I have adjusted the draw length as short as I could by moving the string to the last slot on the cam.
however I still need another inch. I noticed the cams which are wheels ,not really cams, have another hole for the axle on the oposite side. if I change holes will this give me more adjustment?
If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
22 September 2006, 02:32
never mind, found out what I needed to know.
29 September 2006, 19:25
So what's the answer? I have looked at those older Hoyt wheel bows and wondered if changing to the other hole will change the draw length. Is this true?

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02 October 2006, 07:06
no the other set of holes is actually for flipping the wheels to the opposite limbs.
The holes are marked top and bottom on both wheels. I guess it is for swapping them when the brass bushings get worn matter, my daughter could not draw it very well anyway so I sold it and am getting her a micro midas or something similar.