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Cape buffalo BH
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Anyone ever use any of the silver flame BH on cape buffalo?
I am thinking of the 150-200 grain sizes.

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Never used em on buff but I've used em for several years on deer/hogs and are the best broadhead made in my opinion. Very tough and they hold an edge forever.

I would choose them or one of the Ashby heads for buff...

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search for and find some posts by don_g when he was testing his broadhead/arrow combination for his cape buff hunt. he went through extensive testing to get the right components. but i believe, yes, silver flames have been used on DG hunts. if it were me, and it isnt, so my opinion is worth exactly nothing, i'd get a long, slender single bevel like the ashby, strickland helix, etc...
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I'd recommend the DirtNap Gear DRT HD. We have already tested them on cape buffalo with great success. All steel design with the option of either 150 or 175 grains if you add the patent pending modular weight system.

Should be up on the website soon.

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