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How often do you change the string on your hunting bow?

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09 January 2015, 02:25
Ackley Improved User
How often do you change the string on your hunting bow?
How often do you change the string on your hunting bow? What factors into your decision making?
09 January 2015, 03:25
i normally run every 2 years. i shoot a lot, and hunt a lot, so i really never go beyond 2. if my string is fraying really bad (from my primos bow sling), i'll replace it earlier. if my string/cables stretch a lot (normally not a problem with good strings) and tuning requires too much twisting, then i'll change them.

if you need new strings, check out 60x, vaportrail, they make good threads.
09 January 2015, 05:31
Every 2-3 years unless I see significant fraying. I use a shooters choice string
10 January 2015, 17:50
I'm with others here, every 2 years. I change out the cables every 3 to 4 years. Keeping them clean and waxed will increase there longevity.

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11 January 2015, 19:36
tom holland
I shot my hunting bow lot first year replaced it with ABB premium and I'll replace it this year on a 2yr cycle.

13 January 2015, 01:31
I replace them at least every 3 years, 2 years is much safer and when it is time to change cables I usually get new bow fever and trade them in,,,,

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04 March 2015, 09:34
Idaho Sharpshooter
I like having a thoroughly shot in spare, so every year.

04 March 2015, 09:55
I keep them waxed and don't consider changing either the cables or strings until it appears the bow is out of time; generally caused by a string or cable stretching.