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Second bow kill

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05 November 2006, 01:13
Second bow kill
I shot a nice doe this morning that was with a group a buck was chasing around. I shot at one last night when it was dim out. I could not see the little sapling in front of the deer's chest through the peep and centered it. I split the tree and the inertia of the arrow stopping so fast broke the steel tip off down in the hole in the ferrule and it was gone.
I never seen so many deer and they are getting to be too small. We need a lot of doe killed off. Even the buck's antlers are not as large so I will be leaving them alone. They keep building more and more housing developments and are pushing more deer here.
I didn't hunt for over a week, it just got too warm.
05 November 2006, 06:40

I saw a 2 year old buck chasing a yearling doe this AM. It's definitely the start of the rut!


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05 November 2006, 07:37
It's fun to watch the buck put his head low and herd a doe, then go behind another to keep them together and make the herd go where he wants them. Then he runs himself ragged chasing a bunch that have no interest yet. They don't leave him but keep going back and forth driving him nuts. I watched a big buck trying to sneak up on a bunch of doe in a field. Soon as he got close, they would run to the other side and feed again. Then he would try another sneak and they would go back to the other side. He finally gave up and went up to the high end of the field and just stood there dejected with a hangdog look.
I also seen a buck yesterday with white legs.
05 November 2006, 21:22
It's intersting-remember when you were 16 or so and the girls loved being chased by the boys?? That was a sure way to get a girl "interested" I find it amazing how close we still are to animal behavior even though we are "civilized and a higher species."

the chef
05 November 2006, 23:25
But the dominant buck has MUCH better luck then we ever had or have. He gets ALL of the girls except for the few that get caught by a smaller fella. But then again, he has to dodge bullets.
06 November 2006, 05:32
Only had a few hours today, but saw the two best bucks of the year! Now that is stimulating, and tomorrow has me rather optimistic as I write this.

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