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Old Bear recurve question

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19 December 2006, 17:01
Cold Bore
Old Bear recurve question
I've found an older Bear Alaskan recurve for sale. It has Glass-Powered on the limb. "Average" condition; no cracks or twists, etc, but shows general wear on the bow.

I know there is collector interest in some old Bears, but I'm honestly interested in it as a general shooter. It's 47 pounds, so I figure it would make a nice rabbit shooter, etc.

Does anybody have any info or history on this model? Good, bad? What's a fair price?

I'm probably going to grab it anyway, but just wanted to see what people had to say about it.

19 December 2006, 18:21
I think you can still call bear archery and give them the serial number and they can tell you. I had a similar experience with mine.


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20 December 2006, 02:39
I found one (an older Bear recurve, that is also "glass powered") at an antique sale about 6 years ago. I looked it up on the net. Turned out it was manufactured in '47 or '48 and is a collectors item worth about 10x more than I paid for it (which isn't a lot!). Unfortunately, now that I know it is worth more than kindling, I don't use it is much as I should! Anyway, I looked for my old links but can't find a google search...never know what you might find.



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